New room, new me

Is there anything more satisfying than a fresh new start? Probably… but not many things. Finishing uni and moving back home meant one thing to me. ROOM RENO! The last year of university for me was in short, not great, so when I moved out of London and back home again I wanted to rid myself of that “last year energy” and give myself a space that felt like a fresh, motivational and very “me” space. So I sorted through all of my crap and then started planning out how I wanted my room to look.

When I start thinking of changing up a room I create a little wish list/mood board of how I want the room to look, to make sure it all feels cohesive.

The items I started with and already owned were the wardrobe, bedside drawers, copper mirror, hurricane jars, record player, nude line drawing, picture frames and the plants. When putting together my mood board I found similar items to what I already owned online so I could get a feel of how they would look together with the newer items. I wanted the space to feel fresh, airy bright and joyful to fit the summer months but also be adaptable for when I want the room to feel more cosy in autumn and winter. I really like neutral tones and natural textures, with pops of colour to add some life back into the room. Yellow is my favourite colour, especially in summer so I knew it had to be included.

My room previously was a mix of random furniture I had collected over the years, a lot of it fit a more “glamorous” and “boudoir” feel, back from years ago when I was into more of a pin up/burlesque aesthetic, so quite a bit of it needed to be updated, such as the bed, the light shades and furniture.

The only things from this mood board that did not make the cut was the lamp shades. These were a definite “wish” part of the wish list, as they costed £59 from Made and as much as I love the rattan style of these shades there is no way in hell I am spending £120 on lamp shades. The radiator cover also did not make it seeing as my windowsil and radiator are an awkward height and again, I don’t care enough to get a carpenter to make a custom unit for it. I also chose different blinds and curtains but they’re of a similar style.

Walls – Coving and ceiling – Farrow and Ball – All White (Estate Emulsion)
All White is a bright pure white. I wanted there to be a difference between the coving and ceiling and the main wall colour. I did three coats on the coving and two on the ceiling because painting ceilings is THE WORST. It did the trick and I love the super clean finish.

Walls – Main colour – Farrow and Ball – Wimborne White (Modern Emulsion)
Wimborne White is a warm off-white. I wanted to have a creamier, warmer white on the walls to give a cosier feel and also to add a little depth. I don’t LOVE white on white on white spaces so I wanted something that would compliment the warm earthy tones I’m drawn to whilst still being airy, bright and versatile.

I just wanted a simple, inoffensive and affordable super king sized bed. I chose the Malm because I feel the simplicity of it makes it hard to date and fall out of style. It’s a bed where you can let the styling of the bedding and surround be the star of the show, rather than the bed itself.

Cushions – HM Home
The first thing I buy when updating a room is cushions. It’s a simple touch that makes you look like you’ve put in so much more effort than you have. This bed without the cushions and just the simple bedding would look dull, boring and a lot more of a budget buy. Cushions are also a really simple way of making a room feel different. When I want to go for something more cosy in the winter I will simply change the bedding with more autumnal leafy tones and the room will have a different feel. This is perfect for me as I like things that are versatile, that are simple, affordable.

Cushions are also a place where you can have a lot more trend based fun. Why spend hundreds to thousands of pounds on a trendy bed that is going to look dated in a year or two when you can spend far less, whenever you fancy a change, with your cushion covers? HM home is my absolute favourite for this. They have a variety of very simple and easy to style cushions with very trend based designs. There is lots of texture and pattern options to play with which is what I went for here.

I have been styling bedding around this palm print cushion cover for about three years. It goes with a surprising amount of colour palettes but this time around I wanted to play with texture, neutral tones and pops of yellow. The texture of these cushions are mostly canvas, which makes this entire look a lot more affordable as canvas cushion covers tend to be the cheapest on HM home. I feel like it works for the feel of this room. In winter I would probably opt for more velvety textures to have a cosier feel. I also wanted the colour palette of the artwork above the bed to compliment the cushions, which can you can see with the similar neutrals and the hints yellow running through both.

Duvet Cover – Amazon
I wanted clean white sheets to again, make the room feel bright an airy. HOWEVER, I fake tan often and have a cat who likes to dig her claws into my duvet with every step she takes. It’s not a winning combo for investing in luxurious sheets, so I don’t. I find that these sheets wash pretty well compared to more expensive sheets I’ve purchased in the past and I also don’t want to cry when my cat pulls at the covers.

Fitted sheet – Amazon – Pillow covers – Amazon
For the more hardwearing bedding I opted for beige toned fitted sheets and cushion covers. I like this because it adds to the neutral colour palette and gives the bedding a feel of depth, again making it look a lot more expensive than it is. It also is lot more forgiving than white to sleep on whilst tanning. Win – win!


Frames – Ikea Ribba
Do I need to go into great depth about these frames? Just a good affordable staple.

For the large nude line drawing I purchased some brown paper and then used charcoal to draw this simple line drawing. Fun fact, I actually used one of my own ~personal~ pictures to draw from. Always recycle your nudes, folks!

I then did a really simple textured watercolour piece with colours similar to the image I included in my mood board. Any one could do this as it’s just about the layers and texture of water colour layered onto of each other.

Attracting some romance in my life with this Victor Olson pulp art print. I did have a quick look to see if I could purchase an actual print of this for this frame but couldn’t. So… I printed it onto photo paper and stuck it in a frame. I would only recommend doing this with artists that are older, difficult to trace and aren’t selling their work. It’s important to support artists! I liked this image because I like the romantic and retro feel without it being too much of a period feeling piece. It connects my enteral love for pin ups with my more contemporary style.

Salt Lamp – Amazon
Continuing the more natural elements and wanting this space to have a calming feel, I opted for salt lamps for my bedside table lamps. I probably should have ordered larger ones, however, I adore these lamps. They give of the loveliest, warming glow and instantly make the room feel incredibly cosy in the evening which really transform the white and bright room.

Diffuser – Amazon
Diffusing lavender oil whilst you go to sleep is a kindness that everyone should give themselves.

Alarm Clock – Amazon
I bought this years ago before there were lots of cheaper alternatives on the market. It’s handy to have in the winter for those dark mornings but it wasn’t a game changer for me.

A Return to Love – Amazon
One of my favourite books of all time. It’s on my bedside table just incase I need to have a re-read. I would highly recommend it.


Plant – Ikea

Landry basket
I’ve had this for years and now just use it as a nice textured stand for my plant.

I love a simple nude line drawing, what can I say? For this piece I wanted it to be more textured. So I added masking tape to a canvas and then added a thick texture layer of yellow acrylic paint over the top. Then I wanted for it to dry and removed the tape and boom! There you have it. It was inspired by this piece that I found on Pinterest.
I then painted this star sign constellation with watercolour and various inks. I didn’t want to put these on the wall so I rested them together in what would be a boring little corner.

Lamp shade – IKEA JARA 
I had no idea how tricky decent lampshades are to find. I did browse for rattan lampshades online but as mentioned before a lot of them were really expensive. I did not have a lot of money to drop on two lampshades, especially as I feel the ones I currently like the most are very trend driven and less classic, so I went for these simple, beige ones from Ikea for £8 each. They’re not rocking my world but they aren’t breaking the bank.

Chest of drawers – IKEA HEMNES 
I needed more storage so I decided to go for the HEMNES draws in the black/brown finish to match all the other furniture in my room. This is the first time all my furniture in my room looks as though it belongs together and it makes me extremely happy. Again, this is a simple design that looks great. If you want to change it up you can always change the handles, however I’m happy with how this looks.


Hurricane Jar – IKEA POMP – Candles – IKEA FENOMEN 
I love candle light and any way to add more mood lighting to a room. These are a super affordable way to do that and are a home accessory that has a timeless look.

Adding some more texture and keeping to the theme of natural elements I decided to go with another Ikea gem. Rugs tend to be extremely expensive. Especially big ones. This rug comes in a lot of different sizes but I decided on the 170x240cm to frame the end of my bed. It’s a rough rug, as you’d expect but still feels nice under foot.

Curtains – IKEA TIBAST 
Again, I wanted to keep playing with subtle elements of texture. These curtains look creamy/beige from a distance but when you get up close you can see that they are a white and light brown chevon. I’m not a huge fan of black out anything because I like to wake up with the help of natural light, these are great for privacy but still let a little bit of light pour through.

Blind – Dunelm
Although not really included in the pictures, I thought I would also include the blind I purchased. This is a simple white, sheer blind. It lets a lot of light in whilst giving a little bit of privacy during the day. During the night, with the lights on – not so much! But that is what the curtains are for.

Plant – IKEA – Pot – IKEA

I bought this plant on impulse and wasn’t sure where to put it. I felt like it needed some height so decided to sit it on a stack of books that wouldn’t fit in my book shelves. It also helps hide an ugly plug. I think it works really well and is ideal when it comes to figuring out how high you want a plant to be as you can add and take away books until it’s just right.

Bookshelf – IKEA KALLAX

This is very much the messiest corner in my room, but hey! I live here, I use this, it is a functional space so I can’t have it all look perfect. I have to have my palmers out, ready to get slathered all over me. As well as perfume, deodorant, make up brushes. I also have my record player and my small record collection. I don’t listen to my records super often but it’s nice when I’m feeling in the mood for it.

And that is my room! I am in love. Having a space you enjoy makes taking care of it and keeping tidy so much easier. I also did this all on a budget and focused around choosing more affordable, classic pieces and dressing them up with accessories to make the overall look feel more expensive and also be way more personal to my own style.


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