Pure Femininity with Mimi Holliday

Sometimes all you need to get yourself out of a funk is some stunning lingerie, fresh flowers and a little pang of creativity.

One thing I have noticed from my first year of returning to University is that when all the hard work is done, the term is over and I return home, I can can mentally slump – hard. And sometimes when I start to find myself slumping I can struggle to get myself out again.

What do I do when I’m wallowing and looking for inspiration? I look at lingerie, obviously.

If you know anything about me you will know I am passionate about lingerie and also about expressing my femininity.

I love feeling girly, womanly and sexy. When I think about these things and think about lingerie I think about Mimi Holliday.

Looking through the gorgeous sets I started to feel inspired again, ideas for shoots and content started to pop into my head. I was thrilled when they accepted my offer to feature them across my Instagram and got to work with brainstorming ideas that might work to not only show you how beautiful their lingerie is but to also illustrate how incredible it made me feel.

Firstly, I should say, that there is something a bit magical about unboxing lingerie out of a pretty box and Mimi Holliday do not disappoint on this front.When I picked the Disco Comfort Bra and matching Thong out of the box I fell a little bit in love. I don’t own a lot of lingerie that is so brightly coloured. Black, blush tones and red fill my lingerie draw so when I saw the hot pink and fuchsia together I was straight up excited and ready to throw it on my body.


I love the fit of the bra (especially in these photos, the girls look damn good). It cups and shapes perfectly, with no over boob spillage. The thong can be worn around the hips but also looks amazing in a more high waisted fit (my personal preference).

I love sheer moments and lace when it comes to lingerie and when the two are combined I am in heaven. Seeing the abstract floral print I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing this would look against fresh flowers in some floral, feminine fantasy type shoot and as I felt so dreamy in this set and could not help but be extraordinarily extra when it came to shooting this.

And that is when I fell out of my slump and created images that I have never been more proud of. I am not saying Mimi Holliday is the cure for all your needs, nor any lingerie for that matter. However, lingerie for me is a mood, it is a luxurious and personal experience that can transform you from feeling uncomfortable and awkward to completely charged with confidence. Mimi Holliday hits those markers for me and in turn brought back my creative spark.

It’s funny what a good bra can do for you.




  1. Eduardo
    July 31, 2017 / 3:03 pm

    I love your beauty! Im following you in Instagram. ♡♡♡

  2. aneesh
    September 27, 2017 / 7:18 pm


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